Lipki Island - The most ambitious redevelopment project of modern Ukraine
The project’s ambitions go far beyond the redevelopment of the industrial zone, aiming to revitalize the urban area by creating a modern metropolitan neighborhood with the top-class public area combining residential, recreational, sports, educational, office and retail spaces instead of old dockyards. The project will create the standart for the modernization of Ukrainian cities in a "City Resort" format.
The key factor for the success of the project is the developer’s thorough knowledge of the target consumer, which is a cornerstone in the priorities system of complex design:
• leading edge technologies and top-notch engineering equipment;
• high-quality and environmentally friendly building materials and technologies;
• distinguished facility service level.
The project’s concept offers a complete transformation of the industrial territory in the comfortable urban area with the construction of different types of housing and the fully self-sufficient social and public amenities: a kindergarten, a school, shopping centers, office spaces, etc.
The long shoreline allows to create a comfortable public embankment with a promenade, a beach, commercial facilities and entertainment attractions, including boutiques, restaurants, cafes and various playgrounds instead of old dockyards. An ultra-modern marina with a yacht club and a complex of sports facilities will be designed here as well.
The developers of the project focus on the «green» component of the future complex. For the first time in Ukraine the project will be based on the integrated concept of ecologically clean and diverse natural environment in the megalopolis.
Landscaping design within courtyards and public spaces will be similar and organized engaging a large number of local floras, with an emphasis on the flowering and evergreen trees and shrubs. The original environment elements will be combined with interactive urban sculptures and installations, and natural river waters - with fountains and pools.
Podil is the oldest and most popular capital district. The place where Pochaina river flows into the Dnipro river had been populated since the II century BC. The Great Duke of Kyiv St. Volodymyr baptized Kievan Rus here in 988. Craftsmen and merchants settled here, and the convenient river harbor attracted traders from all over Europe. Shipbuilding was developed here in the ancient times, and the existing shipyard was founded more than 150 years ago.
The project site is bordered with the historic part of Podil, one of the most popular tourist areas of the city, where the history of Kyiv began. There are a lot of historical monuments, churches, quarters of ancient buildings with a unique architectural appearance and a thousand-year history spirit. Historically, Podil was and remains a continuation of the central business part of the city. This place is most popular among Kyiv residents and visitors, who want to plunge into the authentic atmosphere of a thousand-year city, spend an evening in numerous restaurants and cafes, wander through the ancient streets and the Dnipro quay, take a boat trip from the river station at the end of a busy day or spend the whole weekend here.
A constant dense flow of workers in the city center, residents and tourists will ensure the tenants’ demand for the project’s commercial facilities.
All this will create a new attraction point and sight of the capital.
City Resort is a new format of the city life
The combination of the modern achievements in architecture and construction technology with the highest level of comfort, safety, life privacy and easy access to the most important business, cultural and commercial city parts is what distinguishes the project from everything the capital is used to.
Living in the megalopolis, enjoying all its resources and benefits, but having an ecological environment, a huge private space, feeling personal attention and service like in best hotels is the essence of the “City Resort” concept, a guarantee of the project public and commercial success.
Territory planning will be carried out considering the latest trends in urban environment design with the involvement of foreign experts.
One of the project key details will be public areas, integrally designed for the most convenient and pleasant pastime.
During the project design, a special attention will be drawn to the convenience, functional and logistics features of streets, promenades, squares and inner yard zones.
Surrounded by water, the complex will have its own "green islands" inside, organized for different recreation purposes.
The project considers the youngest residents’ interests and as represented with unique contact playgrounds.
Special attention in the project is paid to the safety of residents and their guests, which will be achieved via a complex of “smart” biometric and autonomous sensors, cameras and other surveillance equipment.
Unique and innovative features of the project
• energy efficiency and energy saving:
- heat pumps at different sources (water, earth, air)
- solar collectors and panels
- air conditioning of buildings through their structure (cold ceilings, floors, walls)
- double sewage system (collection and reuse of dirty water)
- collection and use of rainwater
- active and passive sun protection
• mobile applications for collecting data on health and activities of residents
• air quality monitoring within the project territory
• sensors for collecting data on noise levels and management of noise pollution
• intelligent system for street traffic monitoring and management
• territory rehabilitation from the unserviceable utilities of former industrial area
• clearing the water area of the adjacent Dnipro river bay and creation of a comfortable public embankment with a promenade, retail facilities and entertainment attractions
• environmentally friendly building materials
• ecological transport: own fleet of electric vehicles and their rental service, abundant charging stations within the territory
• direct transportation by water to the city center
• separate collection and removal of garbage using underground pneumatic rubbish chutes
• underground parking and courtyards without cars
• in-apartment energy management systems for flexible management of the energy costs of each individual apartment
• rating system for energy consumption - the motivation for residents to save energy, “consume less - pay less”
• certification of individual buildings and functional areas in compliance with international standards of "green" construction (BREEAM/LEED, etc.)